LED Light Upgrades

LED Light Upgrades

LED Lighting upgrades in Sydney and Northern Beaches

Ready for energy savings, less environmental impact, lower fire risk, and fewer safety issues?

We offer a hassle-free supply and install. No more changing bulbs– just maintenance-free, hassle-free lighting with up to a 7-year replacement warranty.

Gone are the days of incandescent and halogen globes to make way for LEDs—or “light emitting diodes” if you like. Just like those other industries, LED lighting is constantly evolving and changing. There are a few things to consider when swapping over your lights to LED or changing them to whole new fittings.

If you have dimmers on your existing lighting, then there is a good chance that it is not completely compatible with the new LEDs. Things to look for when dimming your new LED lights:

  • Does it dim at all?
  • Does it only dim slightly?
  • Does the light flicker anywhere across the dimming range?

If you have any of these symptoms, then chances are your dimmer will need replacing by a qualified electrician to match the LED load.

We help you avoid all the common pitfalls (like lights not covering holes in ceiling, issues with lights being hardwired, etc). Most new LED down lights come with plugs so you will need a qualified electrician to install sockets behind each down light.

Looking for advice on changing some lights to something that will fit the space a little better?

We have seen our share of amazing light designs, so we can help you make some decisions on what might work best for your space.

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